Monday, September 8, 2008

Open for Discussion

Is Lou Piniella stewing? After Sunday's loss to the Reds, Piniella did not address the media for the first time all season. If Piniella is indeed upset, that could mean more changes are on the horizon. The Cubs have not played good ball in the last week and the manager that never stops thinking and tinkering will have an extra day to try to figure out how to get his team back on track.

So with the off day, the CCO will not discuss a specific topic or talk about all of the problems that have surfaced since the beginning of the month....or the fact that despite losing 7 of 8, the Cubs still own a 4-game lead in the division and the best record in the Senior Circuit. The CCO will instead open up the floor to discuss whichever topic or topics the Faithful would like debate back and forth about on the penultimate off day of the regular season.

The floor is yours, with one stipulation....Stay Classy Cubs Fans.

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