Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to the Bigs, Part III (of probably III)

Welcome to the Bigs, Part III (of probably III)

The Cubs called up two more yesterday. I guess Jim Hendry thought I was getting a little too full of myself with the prediction that Casey McGehee may be called up. So, he reviewed the players I had listed and made sure he picked one that wasn't on my list, just to make me look stupid.

Felix Pie-It surprised me a little that Pie wasn't called up when the rosters expanded, only because the Cubs seemed to have a need for an extra OF, given the rest that old man Edmonds needs, the way Fukudome phas been playing, the defense (or lack thereof) of Sori, etc. But he's up now. I assume the Cubs are still "bringing him along slowly" by allowing him to get some more PT, including some playoff experience, and let him get some regular AB's instead of sitting on the bench. Pie finished his Iowa campaign with a .287 batting average and 10 HR's in 335 AB's. He was able to cut down his K total some with 54, although that still amount to roughly 100 K's over a full season. He had a hit in each of Iowa's 5 playoff games, hitting .300 overall. Pie will be used primarily as a defensive replacement and pinch runner.

Randy Wells-Randy Wells wasn't on the radar, at least not my radar. Why? Well, quite simply, he didn't do a lot lot to impress, outside his record. He managed to win a team high 10 games against only 4 losses. But his ERA was over 4. He had a WHIP for the year of 1.36, which isn't terrible, but isn't great. He started the year as a reliever (the role he'll play for the Cubs) and made some spot relief appearances throughout the year, giving up 10 earned runs in 8 relief appearances (a 5.87 ERA). So, he just didn't seem like the kind of guy the Cubs would add to their 40 man roster. I guess the Cubs decided that there was the concern that he would be plucked in the Rule V draft this December (he was picked by the Blue Jays last year and made one relief appearance before being returned to the Cubs). (Lionel) Wed, 10 Sep 2008 11:14:00 -0500

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